Sylvain Chauveau
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Recorded at CDM studio, Toulouse, October 2002

These two short pieces for piano, viola, cello and clarinet were composed for the long feature film by Thomas de Thier "Feathers in my Head" (Directors' fortnight, Cannes festival 2003). They were not used in the movie and remain unreleased.

You can now listen to them freely on Antiopic's website. When I started composing music in the early 90's, I wanted the listeners to be able to find my work without paying. I created a handwritten and free fanzine where I explained that one could receive my songs just by sending me a tape. A few people did it. But it wasn't really free: they had to buy a tape, two stamps and an envelope. Then I slowly admitted that it was unuseful and one day I accepted to see my work published on records and be sold. And it's true that the money I can earn with it helps me go on creating music. So now I don't really know what to think about it.

—Sylvain Chauveau


Cinématographe 1
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Cinématographe 2
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Allegorical Power Series
Volume II
July 2003