The Debt
Interior Designs

Written and produced by Ultra-red. Published by ListMat (ASCAP).

Source material recorded 11 June 2003 from the interior of Six Coultry Gardens, Ballymun, Dublin Ireland. "Interior Designs" is part of Ultra-red's The Debt, an inquiry into the regeneration of the social housing community of Ballymun. The Debt was a public art project commissioned by Breaking Ground, the Ballymun Regeneration Ltd art commissioning program funded through Ireland's Department of the Environment and Local Government's Per Cent for Art Scheme.

"The house at Six Coultry Gardens was empty, poised before its imminent demolition. Hallways, rooms and closets shaped the sound of outside machinery. And, in the process, took shape. In our time moving through Ballymun, Ultra-red came to recognize a gap between the glorious future planned by experts. And on the other side, there existed an archive of echoes etched in memory, performed in mundane actions and shaped by a landscape destined for the wrecking ball. Out of the gap seeped subtle but concrete suspicions. Where did the plan account for the loss of those echoes? Why couldn't that loss be held in tandem with the promise? After all, there is no blueprint for dignity."


Interior Designs
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Allegorical Power Series
Volume VII
December 2003