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The Allegorical Power Series is an ongoing series of freely downloadable audio meant to address the possibilities and roles of abstract or experimental music as social and political response. The first release in the series was 1 June 2003. For information on future releases, sign up for the Antiopic newsletter.


There is an unfortunate tradition of critiquing abstract or experimental art and music in solely aesthetic terms, often at the expense of examining its larger social implications. Work in the arts is as necessary as work in other areas for the advocacy of global justice; artistic pursuits remain a powerful avenue and an essential tool for protest and critique.

By presenting this series under the heading "Allegorical Power" (from Jean Baudrillard's notion of the insidiously homogenizing nature of power's allegories), we hope to explore and draw attention to the conditions that propagate centralized power. The external structures of this power (through media saturation, absurdly extreme abuses of civil liberties, and so on) have ballooned remarkably, as well as become more public, in the rush to this most current aggression. From a cultural and social perspective, this puts the ideologies of the dominant power structures (the current United States government, the IMF, the WTO, etc) in a sensitive position, opening these structures to effective attack from multiple cultural angles.

By adding this series to the voices of opposition contesting unchecked centralized power and by placing abstract sound in a political context that opposes the acts of aggression propagated by centralized power—be they militarily or economically conceived—we hope at the very least to offer a forum for viewpoints and creative comment that may simultaneously or subsequently lead to direct action.

Antiopic hopes to provide a space for those artists who are moved to the point where the need for comment is mandatory. This is a proposal open to various interpretations, and we hope to use this series not only for any possible "end results" but also to elicit a thought process on the meaning, or potential, of sound art in the context of and in response to global injustice. The contributions to the Allegorical Power series should be seen as protest.

ANMP001  William Basinski Despair
2 minutes 0 seconds
ANMP002  TV Pow Cornered at the Drake Hotel (extended mix)
3 minutes 21 seconds
ANMP003  Ateleia We Become A Threat
5 minutes 21 seconds
ANMP004  Zbigniew Karkowski Waves and Radiation
6 minutes 50 seconds
ANMP005  Need Thomas Windham Massgrave In Finestyle / grantwhore dub
6 minutes 52 seconds
ANMP006  Dion Workman / Michael Haleta Neither
4 minutes 28 seconds
ANMP007  Nicedisc Lisa Bling (Live @ Miami WMC Megamix, 3/31/03)
2 minutes 8 seconds
first release 
1 June 2003