Osso Bucco
Driftwood, It Splinters

5 minutes 15 seconds
ANMP033  Stern / Guerra
Rainy Day Woman #5
(For Bernadine Dohrn)
7 minutes 44 seconds
ANMP034  j. frede
9 minutes 14 seconds
ANMP035  Nishide Takehiro
A Man of Zero
8 minutes 25 seconds
ANMP036  omnid
Cermic Nikra
7 minutes 6 seconds
ANMP037  Freiband
4 minutes 34 seconds
ANMP038  Margarida Garcia
5 minutes 1 second
ANMP039  Unstable Ensemble
16 minutes 42 seconds

"Why then should the regime allow any democracy in the area of culture? Any democratic expression in the area of culture becomes a threat to such a regime's very peculiar brand of culture: the culture of silence and fear..."

- Ngugi Wa Thiong'o, Moving the Centre

"... creativity is revolutionary in its essence."

- Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life

The Allegorical Power Series is an ongoing series of freely downloadable audio meant to address the possibilities and roles of abstract or experimental music as social and political response. The first release in the series was 1 June 2003, which contains an explanation of the ideas behind the programming of the Allegorical Power series. For information on future releases in this series, sign up for the Antiopic newsletter.

previous releases:
Volume I, June 2003
Volume II, July 2003
Volume III, August 2003
Volume IV, September 2003